Malique & DJ Fuzz - K.O The Mixtape
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Malique & DJ Fuzz - K.O The Mixtape

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Collaboration with DJ Fuzz released in 2010.

Track Listing

1. Intro

2. Assalamualaikum (Is How We Greet You) featuring Akil the MC & MC Moe.

3. Masih Hip Hop featuring Daly & Altimet

4. A Few G's (Freestyle) featuring Kraft

5. Tak Tahu Diam Saja (Freestyle)

6. Cerita Kedai Kopi featuring Salam

7. Khayal Bam Bam

8. Rasta Say featuring El Chino Dread Lion

9. VVS1 featuring Chi Qa

10. Don't Stop featuring SJ & Philly Roca

11. KL My Belle featuring Najwa Mahiaddin & Shomori Pass

12. Fronton' (Freestyle) featuring Tact

13. All Over Again featuring Elvira & Yeyo

14. My Advice featuring Supastition & O-Marz

15. I Get The Paper featuring Vandal & Point Blanc

16. Akhirnya Sempurna (Freestyle)

17. Forget The Past (Freestyle)

18. Dalai Lama featuring Emcee David

19. Old Thing Back featuring Dandee & Big Calo

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