Malique - OK (Double-Disc Album, Autographed)
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Malique - OK (Double-Disc Album, Autographed)

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Malique's double-disc debut Malay-language album was first released in 2008. All copies of OK will be autographed by Malique. Very limited copies available

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Track Listing

Disc One

1. Diam 

2. Assalamualaikum featuring Adeep Nahar

3. Mantera Beradu featuring M. Nasir

4. OK featuring Cat Fabuloso

5. Rasta Say

6. VVS1 featuring Chi Qa

7. Kau Yang Punya featuring Najwa Mahiaddin

8. Pergi Jauh featuring Elvira

9. Jom Cerita Hantu

10. Khayal

Disc Two

1. Masih Khayal (Bangun) featuring Zaf V.E.

2. Dalam Aku Ada Hantu

3. Rahsia

4. Layu

5. Aku Di Kuala Lumpur

6. KL Streets featuring Lah Ahmad

7. OK (Chill Money Remix)

8. OK (Go Deejay Mix) featuring Young Arif

9. Kau Yang Punya (5 Mic Remix) featuring Lah V.E., Najwa Mahidin, Zaf V.E., Elvira

10. Diam


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